In a catering operation there are a number of supplies which can make food preparation simpler and more hygienic. Having the right tools for the job also makes it possible to either reduce the time taken to serve customers or increase the number of customers served in a given amount of time.

Bug Control

One of the essential catering supplies in a food preparation area is adequate bug control. Pests are a constant concern and need to be dealt with as efficiently as possible. There are a number of different bug control products aimed at pests. Sprays are a cheap way of dealing with pests however it is not always possible to use sprays in food preparation areas in case of contamination. As a substitute a fly killing light is a far more suitable ViroClear Hand Sanitiser solution where pests are a regular problem. They are attracted to the light, wiped out and involved in the unit without giving off any by-products. Mice are also significant where food is being stored as well as being prepared. Bait boxes are ideal for clearing an area of mice as they can be set down and left. While this method, along with traditional spring loaded mouse draws in actually kill the animal, it is possible to use an ultrasonic animal repeller. They produce a very high pitched noise which drives mice away humanely without killing them.


In situations where food is being ready to be transported a wrapping machine can reduce the time it takes to prepare the food for transit. Professional dishwashers can also save a large amount of time as they are made to carry out routine washes in around 2 minutes with the option of using a longer cycle where required.

Hand Sanitisers

It is also very important that there is a facility for staff to regularly wash their hands in a food preparation environment. This might be something as simple as soap and water but the priority is ensuring that staff will have soap to use. An inexpensive way of doing that is by purchasing a soap dispenser and buying liquid soap in bulk. Not only are costs minimised by you can go for longer and never having to reorder. If you or your staff are moving between places before preparing food there may not always be the facility to sanitise hands before starting work. A simple solution is the Purell addition clip. This can be fixed to a bag or belt and attests the facility to use a hand sanitiser wherever you may need it.

Surface Cleaning

Keeping surfaces clean is simply as important as hand sanitising and there are many catering supplies which can help you out with that. Even when surfaces appear to be clean there is always the possibility that bacteria may ruin ingredients unless the surface has be treated with an anti-bacterial solution, these are often supplied as wipes.


Probably the most trusted catering supplies are parchment and cooking foil. If you regularly use either of these catering supplies it ought to be worthwhile buying these in bulk. Scourers and towels are also classed as consumable as they need to be replaced once they start to weaken.

Other Hardware

Although ranges and in some cases family fridges or freezers indicate their temperature it can also be useful to have an independent means of accurately gauging the temperature. Small, accurate thermometers are relatively inexpensive and will either be designed for a specific tasks such as measuring the medial side temperature of meat during cooking or a refrigerator or they will be developed to withstand the various conditions which allow it to be used in all situations. Not allow collection is another key part of operating a hygienic catering workplace and making sure staff have access to packing containers is essential.

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