How Often You Should Clean Your Ducts

Researchers are learning more about the quality of indoor air. They are discovering that air in our homes can often be filled with dust and pollutants. As more people learn that indoor air pollution is a health issue of growing concern, they are looking for ways to keep their air clean. One method of improving air quality is cleaning air ducts.How to choose an air duct cleaning service provider - Pringles, Inc.

Duct cleaning consists of cleaning various heating and cooling system components of forced air systems such as air ducts and registers, grills and diffusers i’m feeling curious, heat exchangers, heating and cooling coils, drip pans, fan motor, and the air handling unit.

Air ducts are susceptible to the following hazards:

– Ducts can be infested with vermin such as rodents and insects. Contaminants from their droppings can be blown through the ducts into a home where they may be inhaled.
– When there is moisture, bacteria and fungi can grow in air ducts where microorganisms and spors can blow through the home.
– Dust, dirt, and oil particles can build up in the ducts and be sent through the home.

You should have your ducts cleaned for the following situations:

– If you have a problem with moisture in your ducts. If the conditions causing the mold growth in the first place are not corrected, mold growth will recur.
– If you are moving into a newly constructed house. There may be construction debris in the ducts such as drywall dust, fiberglass pieces, and sawdust.
– If you are having trouble with furnace airflow.
– If there is an accumulation of debris in the air registers. Pet dander can often build up in the registers.
– If you or a family member are sneezing a lot or you see particles blowing though your vents, it is time to get your ducts cleaned.
– If you place your hand over a duct vent and the air flow is not very strong. Cleaning the ducts may restore proper airflow.
– If you detect an odour coming from the vents when the air is turned on

By having your ducts cleaned, you will improve air quality and reduce the amount of pollen, allergens, mold, and fungi from infecting the air. Not only will air quality be improved, but family member who suffer from asthma will breathe better. People with asthma are extremely sensitive to dust and allergens in the air. Clean air ducts will reduce the chances of family members developing allergies. It will be a much healthier environment for children and pets. Duct cleaning will also reduce energy costs and make it easier to keep the house clean.

It is recommended that you have your ducts cleaned every two years. The best time to get your ducts cleaned is in the late summer or early fall. If you have family members that are afflicted with breathing problems, you may want to have your ducts cleaned every year. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that people have their air ducts cleaned.

If you decide to have your ducts cleaned, it important to make sure you have a qualified service provider who cleans all of the components. If your ducts are not properly cleaned, there is an increased chance of recontamination. Service providers will use specialized tools to remove dirt and debris in ducts. They will then vacuum the ducts with a high-powered vacuum cleaner. Many companies are promoting their products and services as a means to improving the quality of your indoor air.

Preventing moisture, debris, and dirt from accumulating in your ducts is the best way to reduce the number of indoor air pollutants. By maintaining good quality air, you, your family, and pets will be healthier and breathe much easier