A new action and adventure movie is about to be released in Australia. Tomorrow When The War Began is a $20 million movie based on the book of the same title by popular Australian author John Marsden. This popular teen novel has sold over 2 million copies in Australia and New Zealand alone, so if that’s anything to go by, the film adaption should prove just as popular.

The whole movie was filmed in Australia at Fox Studios in Sydney and in the idyllic country areas of the Hunter Valley of New South Wales.


The story is about a group of seven teenagers who go away on a camping trip to a remote area of bushland the locals dub “Hell” and return home to find that their town has been invaded by unknown enemy soldiers.

The cast consists mainly of young Australian actors, the most well known being Caitlin Stasey, a former star of popular Australian soapie “Neighbours” who plays the lead female role of Ellie; Lincoln Lewis who was a popular actor in the soapie “Home and Away” playing Kevin; and Deniz Akdeniz who was an actor in the Disney Channels “as The Bell Rings” who plays the role of Kevin.

Other cast members include Chris Pang who appeared in the Australian feature “Home Song Stories” and Channel 10’s “Real Stories”. He plays the role of Lee; and Andy Ryan who had appearances in a number of Australian TV productions, the latest being the comedy series “The Jesters” plays Chris.

Well known English actor Rachel Hurd-Wood who played Wendy in the film version of Peter Pan portrays the role of Corrie; Aussie actor Phoebe Tonkin who won an AFI Best Actress award for her role as Cleo in the Aussie TV Drama H2O plays the role of Fi; and Ashleigh Cummings, who has also appeared in Home and Away and the film Razzle Dazzle plays the part of Robyn.

After returning from their camping trip and discovering unidentified enemy forces have taken over the town, the group decide to take matters into their own hands and stage their own kind of guerrilla warfare against this enemy force. The story follows their harrowing journey to regain their town and be reunited with their loved ones. It’s a coming of age film where these teens show remarkable strength of character as they are pushed to their limits trying to survive and fight for their town and family.

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