Our Cat’s Christmas Stocking

Any one who owns a pet will be the first to tell that very soon that pet will grow beyond being a pet to very quickly becoming a member of the family. We adopted a cat that was well beyond its infancy and it quickly became a part of our brood. It was obvious our pussy was just more than a pet catkiss918 apk when we all felt he qualified for his own stocking at Christmas.

I went shopping and unfortunately bought several instead of just the one so I had trouble choosing which one I would use. The one I chose to use was just beautiful; it was red at the top white at the bottom and covered in a frosty looking coating. It also had our cats name ‘Tinkerbell’s’ on a tag. It also had a bell on the end that suited his name as well.

This particular stocking was very practical being about 20 inches long and 7.5 inches wide. There will be more than enough room in it for all the goodies we will stuff inside. There will be everything in there, chocolate mice, toys, stringy things with shiny things on the end that pussy will chase. We can’t wait for Christmas time to come so we can watch the fun.

I bought a second item more for me really than the cat really. It was too good to pass up. It was a good cat bad cat stocking. Good cat on the one side Bad cat on the other. This stocking will be a great conversation piece all though it is too small to hold all the goodies we bought. It has a Cut Cat on the top but no bell but it is really funny.

On the one side the Cut Cat is sitting very still and looking so cute and pretty. The expression is one of pride and pomp. It has a Santa hat that puts it fair and square in the festive spirit. Now the one on the back is a different story all together. It is facing away from you so you cannot see its face just its back view. You can see the wall where the cat’s claws have gouged great ruts in the paper on the wall. The wall is seriously damaged and the cat’s fur is standing on end whiskers straight out and if there was sound available you would most certainly hear it