Review Heart Rate Monitor – Which Is The Best Heart Rate Monitor?

Do you like to exercise, to exert and push your body to its limits just for the fun of it? Like to know if the burn in your muscles and the pounding in your heart is actually accomplishing something? Looking to review heart rate monitor?

A heart rate monitor is a device that allows you to appraise his or her heart rate. It’s a great addition to a runner’s kitbag because it provides an precise observation of how hard you’re exercising – our own guesses are notoriously unreliable and mean that we can all too easily end up exercising faster or slower than is good for us.

If you don’t know exactly what a heart rate monitor does, read on. The monitor comes in two parts: a chest belt detects your heart rate and transmits it to a receiver on your wrist, which looks and you wear like a watch. It provides an exact expression of how hard you’re strap

The chest strap has electrodes in contact with the skin to monitor the electrical voltages in the heart. When a heartbeat is detected a radio signal is transmitted, which the receiver uses to work out the current heart rate. This signal can be a simple radio pulse or a unique coded signal from the chest strap; the latter prevents one user’s receiver from using signals from other nearby transmitters (known as cross-talk interference).

Unsure about which Heart Rate Monitor you need? This can be a difficult choice to make with so many available. The most popular being Polar, Timex, Nike, Gamin, Casio, Speedo, Cardio and Suunto to mention but a few. Not only are there a huge variety of manufactures but also in the features each particular watch offers. These include average heart rate, time in a specific heart rate zone; calories burned, detailed recording that can be downloaded to a computer, distance covered, laps completed, even an inbuilt GPS.