Samsung I780 & Samsung J600 – Which One Is Your Choice?

The mobile phones markets have grown at a phenomenal speed and therefore one can find that a number of new companies are coming into the handsets manufacturing field. Samsung is an established brand and it has presented several great quality phones. The latest handsets produced by it have also been accoladed by the mobiles lovers all over the world. The market share of this company has increased in the last few years. Looking at the huge success of its mobile devices, it has decided to foray into some other markets where it was not present earlier. Continuous focus on research work has given fruitful result to the company and therefore it has been able to introduce advanced mobile phones on a regular basis. samsung 55au7700

Samsung i780 & Samsung J600 are two handsets that have lured the users with their blazing looks and innovative features. These two handsets are full of advanced applications and provide many value-added benefits to the users. Earlier, the high-tech devices were produced by Nokia and Motorola only. Now, Samsung has also come up with such phones and they have become very successful. A detailed comparison between the two champion handsets has been given below.

Measurements: Samsung i780 is a smart phone and it looks smarter with its dimensions of 115.9 x 61.3 x 12.9 mm and weight of 120 grams. Samsung J600 is a relatively slimmer device. Its measurements are 97 x 44 x 15 mm and it weighs just 85 grams.

Display: Both Samsung i780 & Samsung J600 have got TFT screens and their sizes are 2.55 inch and 1.9 inch respectively.

Camera Features: The i780 has a 2 mega pixels camera which is more powerful than that of the J600.

Internal Memory Space: 256 MB ROM and 128 MB RAM have been provided in the i780 device whereas internal storage space of the J600 is just 20 MB.

Internet Access: GPRS and EDGE technologies are common in both the phones, but HSDPA has been added in the J600 phone.

Battery Backup: The talk time of up to 7 hours is given by the i780 whereas Samsung J600 offers talk time of 3 hours only.

Other Features: A GPS navigation software, finger mouse, side bar, MS Office applications, Windows media player have been given in the Samsung i780 handset. Though, these functions are not available in the J600, many advanced multimedia facilities have been provided in it.

Both the above mentioned Samsung handsets are popular among different classes of users. Those who want to obtain a stylish phone with high-tech functions, can go for the i780 model. It is basically a next generation device on which many business related works can be executed. The J600 is a mid-price range handset that is useful for the students, teenagers and youths. The comparison of Samsung i780 with Samsung J600 gives a clear idea to the users and therefore they can take better purchasing decision. The final decision depends on the customers as they can better understand their needs and requirements.

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