Ten Treatments You Should See in a Well Rounded Chiropractic Office

Chiropractic offices often do much more than simply spinal manipulations. A well rounded chiropractic office should practice a multi-discipline style of treatment. This will give patients a much better chance of success.Buy Physiotherapy Body Therapy Small Electric Heating Warmer Blanket Heating  Pad at affordable prices — free shipping, real reviews with photos — Joom

1) Active Spinal Hinged Support Manipulations – Spinal adjustments have been shown to work well for patients suffering from numerous musculoskeletal conditions including back and neck pain.

2) Passive Spinal Manipulations – Certain patients are unable to tolerate active manipulations. This would include pregnant patients, and sometimes those with fibromyalgia. Seeking treatment from a chiropractor trained in both types of manipulations will benefit more patient conditions. Certain patients may receive substantial pain relief receiving both types of manipulations in different body areas.

3) Electrical therapies – Treatment at the office may consist of interferential therapy, which is designed to tire out muscle groups to relieve pain and allow treatments like spinal decompression therapy to work more effectively. Prescribed outpatient electrical treatment consists of TENS units, which are small devices the size of an ipod providing a low dose electrical current which relieves musculoskeletal pain focally in the body. It can work well for low back pain, neck pain, knee, shoulder pain, post surgery, etc.

4) Physical rehabilitation – Chiropractors often receive training in the same types of treatments as physical therapists. This includes stretching and strengthening, core stabilization, etc.

5) Ice and Heat – Simple ice and heat treatment can help substantially in conjunction with a well rounded chiropractic treatment plan. During electrical stimulation a patient may benefit from ice overlying the electrodes. The numbing effect may provide pain relief.

6) Spinal Decompression Therapy – This is a treatment that has grown in popularity over the past 10 years due to its effectiveness in back and neck pain relief. The treatment usually consists of 20 sessions spanning 7 weeks, the cost is overall less than 5% the cost of spinal surgery. Make sure your prospective chiropractor is certified in this treatment, as it may pay off very nicely.

7) Massage – Numerous studies show that massage may benefit musculoskeletal disease problems substantially if done regularly.

8) Acupuncture – chiropractic doctors are trained very differently depending on the school attended. Some learn the art of acupuncture, others pick it up as continuing education. It works, and the benefits of such a non-invasive treatment for many conditions is impressive.

9) Bracing – Patients suffering with an acute back sprain/strain may benefit greatly from a back brace. Long term bracing may weaken the paraspinal muscles, but short term it can help a lot in conjunction with the other treatments mentioned.

10) Cold Laser Therapy – This one is slightly questionable, but there is some recent research in support of laser for the non-invasive treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. It’s typically a fee for service add-on at the office.