The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up and Running a Restaurant

If you are reading this then you are probably starting to think about starting a restaurant. Like me when I started my first restaurant you will probably be drowning in information. I wanted to put together a guide that simplified the information and put the essentials all in one place. Granted it doesn’t go into the detail needed to make your final decision but I hope that it will go some way to you breaking free of the rat race and becoming your own boss.

Three most important things – Location, location, Location

The chances are you have already thought about where your ideal location is. When you made this choice in your head it was probably based around the area you know quite well and there maybe factors you didn’t consider. You will need to make sure that the property will be suitable for food preparation. Also you will need to check that the premises can can comply to the various regulations.

For example, have think about your staff needs and the space they are going to need to do their job in an hygienic way, are there enough wash basins. If there are not enough wash basins and toilets you will need to install more, and making major plumbing changes to a building can be costly. So don’t just think that you will think about that later and get at least three quotes for the job and make sure the work will comply with current building regulations.

Have a look at the walls and ceilings as these will need to be kept very clean if you are to avoid a ticking off about your hygiene standards. Walls and ceiling should be smooth and easy to clean. You don’t want any cracks or crevices as these will only collected dust and grime, or even worse a make a good home for the local wildlife!

The last major thing to have think about is the room you are going t have to have the kitchen in. You will be installing some pretty major equipment so it is best to go armed with a tape measure, and get some accurate measurements of the room. From here you will be able to go online and use a search term like ‘stainless steel catering equipment’ and this should enable you to find a few suppliers. To give you a cost idea and also to give you dimensions so you can see if it will all fit in the space.

Before you Open Up

If you want to stay open then you are going to have to do a bit of paperwork firstly. The most important is to register with the Environmental Health Department.It is worth noting that many of these authorities are not exactly swift and processing your request and you should allow at least 4 weeks for them to deliver their verdict.

If you are considering selling alcohol, which is very likely, then you  먹튀검증will also need to apply for a licence to do so. The last thing you want is to forget something like this and then realise that for the first few weeks it will be water only for the customers!

In addition to the health regulations you will also t have to ensure that you have all 먹튀검증  the necessary insurance policies in place. After all you want o make sure your new business is protected from damage.


You are going to become a boss to many people, from the waiting staff, to chefs etc the only way you can do this legally is to get registered with HM Revenue and customs.

In terms of the actual employees don’t even think about getting someone on the cheap and paying cash in hand. Instead you want to obtain NI numbers and set up P.A.Y.E. schemes. This will keep you on the right side of the law and also ensure your employees wages, benefits and rights are all as they should be. If you treat people fairly then are more likely to want to work for you.